Spring Member/Member

2024 Heathrow / Legacy

Member-Member Tournament

February 24 – 25, 2024

             8:15 a.m. (Legacy) – 8:30 a.m. (Heathrow) Shotgun Each Day


FORMAT:  This is a Dual Member/Member Tournament.  One at Heathrow and one at Legacy.

  • 36 Holes with 3 different formats



Holes 1-18:      Better Ball of Partners

  • Each player will play out his own ball.
  • You MUST pick up if you are out of the hole.
  • Better Ball format – If the team member’s handicaps differ by 10 or more strokes, each team member will receive a reduction of 10% to their handicaps.



Holes 1-9:        Alternate Shot

  • Each Team must determine which player will tee off on the odd holes and which player the even holes. Each player will alternate shots until the ball is holed out.
  • Handicap allowance: 50% of the teams combined Course Handicap, divided by two for nine holes.
  • If the Team must play a second ball from the teeing ground, the alternate player plays the shot from the same tee box as the first ball.
  • Must play the same ball that is teed off through the completion of the specific hole.

Holes 10-18:    Two-Man Scramble

  • You may improve your lie up to one club length, no closer to the hole and the ball must remain in the condition in which it was found. (example. If it is in the rough it must stay in the rough, if it is on mulch it must stay on mulch)
  • Handicap allowance:  Sum of 35% of lower handicap + 15% of higher handicap.



  • Handicaps – are based on the Feb 1st, 2024 Revision Date according of the WHS.
  • Tee adjustments – Golf Genius will set the Handicaps by Player Tees used.

All play will be from the Blue, White, Gold, Silver Tee Markers.  Members play from designated tees based on most posted rounds in the last 21 rounds.

Rules 23.5 – Best Ball & Alternate Shot: Players should not stand behind their partner at address or during the swing. When you begin taking your stance for the stroke and until your stroke is made. Your partner must not deliberately stand on or close to an extension of your line of play behind your ball for any reason.

If you take a stance in the breach of this Rule, you can avoid penalty by backing away. In stroke play, your side is disqualified unless the mistake is corrected in time.

Ground Under Repair is identified by white paint.  Tire tracks, drainage grates, “french” drains, and newly sodded areas may be played as ground under repair, swing and stance relief, no closer to the hole.  Any bunkers to be played as ground under repair will be clearly marked during the competition.

The stroke and distance penalty for balls hit out of bounds (OB) is in effect. You must re-hit from the original spot if a ball is hit out of bounds. (example for alternate shot: if player A is teeing off from the Gold tee box and hits it out of bounds, their partner, player B hits the next tee shot from the Gold tees; the reverse is also in effect, if player B tees off from the blue tee box and hits it OB, player A hits the next tee shot from the Blue tee box)

Local rule – assisting and standing behind your partner is allowed on the greens.

There are no longer any red stakes with green tops (environmental areas), all penalty areas will be marked with red stakes or a red line (example – hole 11, the red line will be close the tree line, until it meets the cart path, from that point forward the red line will be on the right side of the cart path)

The imbedded ball rule is in effect throughout the course unless in a penalty area.

Putt everything out – if you are still in the hole from a score perspective you must putt out completely, there are no given putts, in the event a putt is not putted out a 1 stroke penalty will apply in addition to the stroke not counted.

Teams have been flighted by Total Team Course Handicap.  There are 8 total flights of (8) teams each.

An optional $40 per team Skins Event is available on Saturday for the Better Ball of Partners portion of the tournament.  There will be both Gross and Net Skins. The skins are determined using scores on Golf Genius.

An optional $50 per team Cash Buyout is available.  Shootout Qualifiers will be paid out in cash based on order of finish in the Shootout.  Teams qualifying for the Shootout will also receive Golf Shop Credit (with us doing the Calcutta…do we need this).

The winner and runner-up of each flight will qualify for the Shootout. Ties within flights will be determined as follows:

  • Total Net Score of the Better Ball Format (Holes 1-18)
  • Total Net Alternate Shot Format
  • Chip Off

There will be Closest-to-Pin contests on Saturday and Sunday for all par threes.  Winners will each be awarded a $25 Golf Shop Credit.

Parks Lincoln will be sponsoring a chance to win a car on hole 2 (Legacy) and Hole 4 (Heathrow) on Saturday. There can be multiple winners.

In the event of inclement weather, the tournament will be considered official if at least 18 holes are completed.  All decisions made by the Rules Committee regarding rain shall be final. This pertains to the tournament results only not the Thursday evening wagering event.

  • If the tournament ends without reaching the final four team shootout all Thursday wagering will be returned. If it reaches the final four shootout, the 5th place and below will be paid out per schedule, the final four teams will split the remaining funds evenly.

Online scoring using Golf Genius will be utilized. To be eligible to win your flight and continue in the shootout you and your foursome must utilize golf genius to record each hole accurately in actual time (ask one of the MGA Tournament Committee members about this if you have a question)

When completed, immediately verify that scorecards match the scoring on Golf Genius.  Once verified immediately turn in the signed and attested scorecards to The Clubhouse and help yourself to the lunch buffet. Scorecard will be the final Score.

Cancellation Policy: Registration for all events serves as an acknowledgement that you will be billed in full unless you supply a board-approved reason for your withdrawal. The only exception to this policy will be the Member/Guest tournament which will have a tiered cancellation policy.



  1. Format:  Mini Shootout (Alternate Shot): Final Shootout (Team Total Net Score)
  2. Handicap allowance:  Full Handicap* as shots fall on scorecard
  3. The Shootout Qualifiers will be divided into four groups of four with each group beginning on a separate hole to be determined by the Rules Committee.  A random draw will determine the order of play.
  4. One team will be eliminated on the first hole, one team on the second hole and one team on the third hole.  The high score(s) per hole will drop out; Chip-Offs will decide ties.  The team eliminated on the first shootout hole will finish in a tie for thirteenth place overall, the team eliminated on the second shootout hole will finish in a tie for ninth place overall, and the team eliminated on the third hole will finish in a tie for fifth place overall.
    • Legacy – The four remaining teams will meet on the Hole #15. Again, a random draw will determine the order of play. We will play holes 15, 16, and 18, eliminating one team on each hole. The high score per hole will drop out; Chip-Offs will decide ties on holes 15 and 16.
    • Heathrow – The four remaining teams will meet on the Hole #11. Again, a random draw will determine the order of play. We will play holes 11, 12, and 18, eliminating one team on each hole. The high score per hole will drop out; Chip-Offs will decide ties on holes 11 and 12.
  5. The low score on the final hole will be crowned:
    2023 Heathrow Member-Member Champions and the 2023 Legacy Member-Member Champions
    In the case of a tie, Hole 18 will be played until there is a winner.

The rules committee will handle all on-course rules questions and have the final determination in the outcome.
Have a great day and enjoy the tournament!!!


Mar 26 - 27 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm




Heathrow Country Club
Heathrow, FL
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