Heathrow/Legacy Men’s Golf Association

The Heathrow / Legacy Men’s Golf Association (MGA) is a fantastic way to meet other Members. The MGA’s role is to promote interest in the game of golf and provide our members an enjoyable atmosphere where they can participate in the sport of golf and strive to improve their play. We encourage the development of men golfers, and provide fair and balanced opportunities for the men of Heathrow / Legacy Country Club to compete in MGA sponsored events. We also strive to uphold the traditions of the game as established over the centuries and as stewarded by the United States Golf Association.

Membership in the MGA is open to all male members of The Club who are 18 years and older. All members must have a valid USGA handicap, and only MGA Members may participate in MGA sponsored events. Our many tournaments offer fun and exciting formats and include 5 Majors throughout the calendar year.

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17 August 2024
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