Tournament Eligibility

MGA Event Participation Requirements


The Heathrow / Legacy MGA has a vested interest in assuring fair and balanced competitions for all members.  To that end, we continue to support the established Event Participation Requirements / Conditions of Competition.  Members, by registering / participating in MGA sponsored events, agree to abide by the requirements / conditions outlined below.

Membership in MGA

  • All participants in a MGA sponsored events must be an MGA member (which requires that you are 18 years of age or older) and have paid the annual dues associated with membership.


  • All participants must have a valid and verifiable USGA handicap.
    • Calling a club and getting the estimated handicap from a club pro is not sufficient
    • The handicap committee will also review performance in past MGA events to determine if adjustments are needed to participate in the 2023 MGA events.
  • All participants must have played and posted scores at least 8 times in the last year to participate in an MGA event.
  • In the event a new member has not yet established a Handicap, he may participate in non-Major events at 75% of his estimated handicap. Major events are identified on the MGA web site under “Events” (the handicap to be used must be confirmed by the handicap committee)
  • In instances where there are questions about a participant’s handicap, these will be referred to the Handicap committee who will review the handicap scores and the MGA tournament scores from the participant. The Handicap Committee will then determine the appropriate action.
  • For team events, i.e. Member / Guest, if the member’s partner does not maintain their handicap on GHIN, the member must provide the name of the handicap system and the partner’s identifier for that system.

Tee Box Selection

  • In the majority of MGA events players will be assigned to the tee most often played in the last 20 rounds. This information must be supplied when registering for the event and will be verified by the club.  There are instances where tees are assigned by age or other categories.

Mixed Tee Competition

  • Most of MGA events will conducted using mixed tee competition. Others will have competition within flights or divisions either by age or tee.
  • During normal non-tournament play, members are strongly encouraged to play from the set of tees that are best suited for their ability. Age is not a determining factor regarding the set of tees from which a member plays.
  • In MGA events, participants will compete from the set of tees from which the majority (10 or more rounds) of their last 21 have been posted.
  • Players who compete from different tees will have their course handicap adjusted as dictated by the USGA Handicap Manual (Section 3-5).



Online Scoring

In 2016, the MGA introduced online scoring using the Golf Genius mobile app. Member feedback has been overwhelming positive as listed below:

  • Easy to use
  • Ability to monitor a live leaderboard
  • Know where you and your competitors place in the competition
  • It automatically, scores skins and displays them throughout the round
  • The time to complete end-of-tournament scoring is significantly reduced
  • Event results are automatically posted to the event portal
  • and Player of the Year points are quickly calculated and available online

Therefore, the MGA Board has adopted the following policy:

  • Players’ participating in Heathrow / Legacy MGA events must record their scores in the online scoring capability (currently Golf Genius) and on the paper scorecard provided. Note, one player within a group may be designated to enter online scores while another maintains the paper scorecard.
  • Scores (both online and paper) must be recorded as each hole is completed.
  • Participants must use electronic scoring as outlined above to be eligible to receive any prizes, awards or Player of the Year points for that event. (this includes all members of the foursome)


Use of TBD Registration for Team Events

Often when registering for team based events, members may not have a confirmed partner.  Members may register the team using “TBD” as a place holder. Members must find a partner and enter that information in the tournament registration as soon as possible. When a member must enter “TBD” as his partner, there will be a date established by the Tournament Committee for all “TBD” partners to be removed and updated with a real confirmed partner. If the partner has not been confirmed by that date, the member will be moved to the wait list for that event and be replaced by another member that has a partner for the event. The MGA has encountered instances where members have not resolved their “TBD” partner until close to the tournament day and we’ve not been able to fill the spot at the last minute.

Withdrawal from Events and Refunds

In order to ensure events run smoothly, that members on wait lists are considered appropriately, there are no last-minute changes to flights, etc., the MGA Board has determined it is in the best interest to adopt the following policy regarding withdrawals and refunds of entry fees:

  • Withdrawal before the registration end date – full refund
  • Withdrawal after the registration end date – members may be subject to forfeiture of 50% of the entry fee.
  • Withdrawal within 24 hours of the event date – members may be subject to full forfeiture of the entry fee.



Professional Golfers

  • An amateur golfer is one, whether he plays competitively or recreationally, who plays golf for the challenge it presents, not as a profession and not for financial gain.
  • A professional golfer is one who:
    • Plays the game as his profession, or
    • Works as a professional golfer*, or
    • Enters a golf competition as a professional, or
    • Holds or retains membership of any Professional Golfer Association (PGA), or
    • Holds or retains membership of a Professional Tour limited exclusively to professional golfer.

Professional Golfers may not participate in MGA events.  A professional golfer who has applied to have his amateur status reinstated may play in MGA events and win a prize provided:

  • He has provided proof of his application for reinstatement to the committee
  • He is in the Period Awaiting Reinstatement
  • He has established and is maintaining a USGA recognized handicap.
  • The event in which he is playing is limited to Heathrow / Legacy club members only.
  • He may not represent the club in competitions with other clubs unless with approval of the clubs involved or with the organizing committee, e.g. FSGA)