Kerry Collins
Kerry Collins
MGA President

Kerry and his family: Laurie, Kaelin and Aiden, have been members of The Legacy Club since 1999. Kerry is originally from Connecticut and moved to the Lake Mary area in 1996 joining Scholastic Book Fairs. Kerry is now a Mortgage Consultant with the Florida Home Funding, helping his clients attain home ownership. Kerry works with the MGA Board and Concert Management to plan and set the direction for the MGA events, participation requirements, and the budget for the year. I you have any questions or feedback you can contact the pro-shop for Kerry’s email or cell phone information.

Harry Stadelmayer
Harry Stadelmayer
Tournament Chairman

Harry has been playing golf at Heathrow since 1990 and officially became a member in 2010.  Harry was born and raised in Southern Michigan and moved to Orlando in 1983 as General Manager of the Bally Health Clubs.  In 1986 he pursued a career in financial planning and is currently a Certified Financial Planner for Certified Financial Group in Altamonte Springs.  Harry was very involved in the Arnold Palmer Invitational Executive Board for 15 years as well as General Chairman of the API for 3 years and was Arnold Palmer’s last chairman.  Harry and his team will be responsible for planning and execution of MGA Events at both Legacy and Heathrow.

Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson
Handicap Chairman

Andy has been a member of Heathrow since 1987 and a resident of the Heathrow community since 2003. He served as President of the MGA during the late 80’s. The Handicap Chairman’s responsibilities will be to assure fair and balanced competition by enforcing compliance to the Handicap Policy. This will include the inspection of all MGA Member handicaps and establishing the eligibility for participation in MGA events based on handicap requirements.

Aman Aneja
Aman Aneja
Treasurer and Finance Chairman

Aman and his wife Alina have been members of Heathrow C.C. Since 2009. They enjoy golf, tennis and swimming with their daughters Addison and Annika. Aman is a First Vice President – Investment Officer at Wells Fargo Advisors.

Aman has served the MGA since 2011 and has been member of the MGA Executive Board since 2013. He currently serves as Treasurer and Finance Chairman. Aman’s responsibilities will include developing and maintaining the MGA Budget for the calendar year. He will report regularly on all of the financial activities to the Executive Board. He and the Finance Committee shall also be responsible for procuring all necessary good and services required for MGA events.

Donny Morehouse
Donny Morehouse
Secretary / Communications Director

Donny has been playing golf at Heathrow since he was 6 years old. Donny and his wife have been members of Heathrow Country Club since 2016. Donny is the President of Morehouse Marketing. His responsibilities will include keeping records of the MGA meetings and performing other duties as may be assigned by the officers. He will e-mail and post notices of meetings of the MGA to the members, and provide regular updates to the MGA Membership community. He will also be responsible for keeping the MGA website up to date with the latest information available.

MGA Tournament Committee Members

Lexie Moss

Adam Hopkins

Steve Ruffini

 Jay Klahn

Chad Ibbotson

Greg Libby

Harry Stadlemayer

Tony Laudato

Adam Thornton

David Ayers

Thad Hudgens

Mike Jackson

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