Furloughed Heathrow/Legacy Employees

Good morning all, hope you had a good weekend. During this unprecedented pandemic, as we know, a number of the staff of the Heathrow and Legacy Club have been severely impacted by either being furloughed or hours cut significantly.

A number of us have set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to assist the impacted staff and help them through this difficult period. To date it has raised $2,400. This is a fundraiser from the membership directly to the staff; per Ryan the club cannot be involved for a variety of legal and tax reasons.


Funds collected will be dispersed to staff who have been furloughed or have had hours cut significantly.

In total there are 11 impacted full-time employees and another 77 part-time employees. We will distribute funds based on their full or part time status with full time receiving 2x part time. The total goal is currently set at $50K.

Kerry Collins
MGA President

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