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2019 MGA Player of the Year Tournament

The HLMGA Player of the Year is awarded to the Champion Men’s Golf Association (MGA) for each year.

You are eligible by participating in select MGA and Club events during the year. The list of events that award POY points are as follows:the participation points are in ()

  • Legacy Tough Day 1/19 (20)
  • Heathrow Club Championship 1/26-1/27 (50)
  • Legacy Member/Member 3/2-3/3 (50)
  • Heathrow/Legacy Member Guest 3/28-3/30 (40)
  • Legacy Cup 4/27 (50)
  • President’s Cup 5/18-5/19 (50)
  • Heathrow Tough Day 6/15 (20)
  • -Legacy Match Play Qualifier 6/22-6/23 (50)
  • -Heathrow Match Play Qualifier 7/20-7/21 (50)
  • -Red Ball Scramble 9/14 (25)
  • -Heathrow Member/Member 10/11 -10/12 (50)
  • -Legacy Club Championship 10/26-10/27 (50)
  • -Turkey Shoot 11/16 (20)
  • -Player of the Year 12/14-12/15

Participation and performance points are awarded to the players that complete each of the events that they compete in above. (no points are awarded for withdrawal of an event)

The standings are updated after each of the events and are listed on the MGA Website under Player of the Year.

The top 33 players in points are eligible to play in the POY event on 12/14 – 12/15 which is the final MGA event at the end of the year. It is played one day at Heathrow and one day at Legacy.

Hopefully this explains the Player of the Year competition, if you have any questions you can go tothe MGA website or ask any of the MGA Board or Tournament Committee members.

Best of luck to you in your game in 2019.

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