Author: Harry Stadelmayer

Furloughed Heathrow/Legacy Employees

Good morning all, hope you had a good weekend. During this unprecedented pandemic, as we know, a number of the staff of the Heathrow and Legacy Club have been severely impacted by either being furloughed or hours cut significantly.

A number of us have set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to assist the impacted staff and help them through this difficult period. To date it has raised $2,400. This is a fundraiser from the membership directly to the staff; per Ryan the club cannot be involved for a variety of legal and tax reasons.

Funds collected will be dispersed to staff who have been furloughed or have had hours cut significantly.

In total there are 11 impacted full-time employees and another 77 part-time employees. We will distribute funds based on their full or part time status with full time receiving 2x part time. The total goal is currently set at $50K.

Kerry Collins
MGA President

A message from your MGA

Hope every one is staying safe in these challenging times. All our lives have been impacted with this horrible virus. We can only hope that the end is near.

We are blessed to be able to continue to enjoy a game we love at Heathrow/Legacy.Lets continue to practice social distancing and adhere to all the other requirements so that we can continue to play golf.

Your MGA board will be meeting soon to present to you a REVISED summer/fall tournament schedule. Our goal is to make sure we get both Member/Guest and Heathrow Member/Member rescheduled as well as some of the other events. We promise to keep safety first and foremost but feel that with the PGA Tour moving forward with their schedule in June, we would like to get back to competition as well. Obviously, everything is subject to change based on State of Florida and Club guidelines. Stay tuned for additional information.

Hope to see everyone soon and KEEP IT IN THE FAIRWAY..

Harry Stadelmayer

Tournament Chairman.

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